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Wistor has already been used at multiple clients with diverse needs. Successful cases are shown below, each with its own purpose and applicability. Questions about the Wistor applications below? Send an email and we are happy to tell you more.

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Permit service municipality of Rotterdam

Converting BIM data, GIS data and regulatory data to Linked Data creates a valuable dataset that can be used to perform permit checks. In a prototype, a building model can be automatically checked for fire safety, architectural surroundings, noise, zoning regulations and structural safety.

BIM-ProVeSy Rijkswaterstaat

The focus of BIM Prognosis Pavement Systems (BIM-ProVeSy) is asphalt data and asphalt-related calculations. Asphalt data currently resides in multiple systems, such as testing asphalt mixtures, road construction data and asphalt compositions. This BIM-ProVeSy use case is a Linked data system for this cohesive information on asphalt pavements from Rijkswaterstaat. It consists of more than 100 datasets from multiple applications. Data of pavements can be queried and/or displayed in conjunction.

Asphalt data and administration system

The Pavement Information Model is an asphalt administration system. In cooperation with Boskalis and Rijkswaterstaat, a POC was made of an OTL of the Pavement Information Model. Data from this model was converted to Linked Data and expressed based on this OTL. This data was then linked to Linked Datasets from the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management to obtain an integrated picture of the asphalt pavement on national roads. This model is available via an OTL browser. See the link below to view the model in the viewer.

PIM-OTL viewer

Common Data Environment (CDE) for a large danish green energy company

The client is committed to a data-driven mindset and approach in their operations. To support this objective, they have conducted proof-of-concepts in several departments to demonstrate the benefits of working with BIM. These proof of concepts and the resulting data capabilities are supported using Wistor, revealing not only the advantages of working with BIM, but also the benefits of using data throughout the lifecycle of construction projects.

Wistor can provide insight into critical issues such as data model visualisation, data integration and data validation, making it an indispensable tool for the client’s BIM programme.

By having access to data-driven insights and visualisations, they can make informed decisions, improve collaboration between departments and ultimately the overall efficiency of project design, construction and operation processes.

TenneT data exchange and verification portal

TenneT’s exchange and control portal is an application that provides comprehensive insights into data and documents which are transferred by TenneT to contractors. The portal is able to extract data requirements, documents and files from TenneT’s master data management system, create a transferable container (ICDD) and provide a holistic view of the objects and documents in the container by classifying them to concepts from TenneT’s OTL. The portal also provides detailed data and document validation based on the OTL and container requirements, allowing the user to resolve issues before sending the container to the contractor, or vice versa. The validation environment detects the exact cause of the problem and shows the user what the cause is. It also guides the user in troubleshooting faulty data based on project-related requirements.

Waternet OTL viewer

The Waternet OTL viewer provides insight into the central information model for Waternet for non-technical users. Waternet takes care of the entire water cycle in the Amsterdam region and therefore manages all kinds of objects. In the object type library (OTL), Waternet records the definitions, aspects and relationships between these types of objects. The resulting technical model (in Linked Data, RDF) is readable by machines, but not by human users. Wistor solves this by providing a configurable viewer capable of growing with the Waternet OTL and the needs of its users.

Commercial register browser Chamber of Commerce

For the Innovation Lab of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the Trade Register (anonymous version) was converted to Linked Data including the data definitions. This created a dataset with more than 6 million registrations where each data element is directly linked to a data definition. This results in billions of triples that can now easily be processed by 1 triple store. Several demo applications have been developed such as concern relations, fraud detection and also a generic dataset browser based on a Chamber of Commerce number.