Scalable platform for your needs


A flexible platform that can be used for all kinds of applications. By making integrated data controllable and insightful with viewers and dashboards, Wistor makes it possible to work optimally with information. This way, your organisation or project has one reliable truth you can build on.

By using flexible linked data technology (RDF), the platform connects to data coming from different systems.

Wistor is configurable, scalable, multilingual, provides insight and centralises data.

Information model | OTL viewer

More and more organisations are using central information models to relate different systems and standards to each other, to view and control data integrally and to collaborate more efficiently with other organisations. The information model helps to speak one common language, which is interpretable by both humans and computers. The term information model is also known in the built environment as OTL (object type library / object type library). For engineers and IT specialists as an ontology.

By using Wistor as a user-friendly and interactive viewer of this model, it becomes understandable to end-users inside and outside your organisation, without the need for technical knowledge.

  • Based on RDF(S), OWL and SHACL
  • Browsing of assets/information objects in different structures
  • Additional widgets for related information needs (features, documentation, etc.) and UML visualisations
  • Version management
  • SPARQL endpoint


Check out the Waternet OTL Viewer

Common Data Environment

An environment in which your (project) information is shown in context makes accessing this information easy. Data from systems, documents and geometry (2D and 3D) can be accessed in context and checked for correctness and completeness.

Within a project

Wistor can be used as Common Data Environment (CDE) within a project (as named in ISO 19650). It is the virtual environment where project data is collected, harmonised and managed. Internal and external stakeholders within the project always have access to the relevant project data.

For your organisation

You need reliable, integrated information about your assets, also beyond projects. Wistor is the layer above internal sources (databases, applications, systems) to extract and then combine this data. Within Wistor is the intelligence to make interesting inferences insightful. A boost in data-driven working.


With the right dashboards in Wistor, your integrated data becomes visible. The dashboards can be set up in a flexible way, depending on your data and what you want to know about it.

The dashboards help you make decisions, or take actoin based on the facts from the data. Examples include showing data quality (reliability, completeness and accuracy), the current state of your assets, progress in data capture and/or data delivery and many other applications.

Data exchange portal

Clear agreements for data delivery/data exchange between organisations are extremely important. Without these agreements, incomplete data deliveries, manual data entry in own systems (at the receiving party) and thus unnecessary extra costs are to be expected.
Wistor is used as an exchange portal, using open standards such as ICDD (ISO 21597), allowing for unambiguous viewing, sharing and sending of data. The combination with other solutions such as data verification and dashboarding allows the contractor and/or client to see the quality of the exchanged data at all times.

Automatic data verification

manual checking work by checking your data with Wistor. The online platform makes requirements transparent and uses them to check, for example, a data delivery before it is delivered. Automatic checks can be based on proprietary rules, but also on existing standards and guidelines.